Live More Simply

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my current goals is to live more simply, and I think that’s as good a theme for this blog as any other, which could tie together all my various interests under one umbrella!  (Or under one parachute, see below)

Those interests could include dancing, nature, books, food, people, the arts, science, languages…  all things that make this a beautiful and complex world!

Since the world is complex though, and beautiful because of it, what does it really mean to live more simply?


For me, living more simply means living with fewer possessions & less environmental impact & less stress — & more appreciation for the beauty of nature, good food & good health, family, friends & community, & spirituality.

It’s definitely an ideal, not the way I live all the time, but it’s something to strive for, and having a blog will hopefully be a way to share my thoughts & connect with others on a similar journey.

And if I make this goal to live more simply about small changes, it is definitely within reach.

Wishing you a simple good night, with complex & beautiful dreams,



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