Why clean when you can complean?

Just a few days ago I invented a new word, by accident, “complean” which my spell-check doesn’t like.  It came about when I was saying to myself “I’m going to get this place completely clean” and it came out “complean” – and a new word came into being!  I’m not sure how trendy this word will be, but I shared it with my parents and now this blog, which my parents plus a few other people read, so that’s a start.

It can be used as a noun – meaning the state of being completely clean, or a verb, as in to make something completely clean.

It can be used as a motivation, to include the goal of completeness with the action of cleaning, rather than just an indeterminate amount of cleaning.  You could argue that there’s no such thing as complean as a state of being, since things are continually getting dirty, but it could exist as a goal, and an action towards reaching that goal.

Growing up, my room was always the opposite of complean – in fact, I remember seeing the winner of a contest for the messiest room in a kids magazine, and thinking that I could’ve beaten it!  It’s possible to live that way, as I did by separating my disorganized room from my organized school stuff, and developing an intuition for where everything was located in seeming chaos.

But I’ve found it’s much simpler now with less stuff and less clutter, and it’s part of the reason for my current philosophy about simplifying your life.

Speaking of, I’ve got to go complean the dishes!


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