Good & Bad Carma

In an earlier entry I talked about my good luck at finding a parking space up on a hill, avoiding the flash flood that occurred shortly after.  My streak of good luck ended this past Wednesday, when I had my first ever flat tire.  I made a quick turn into a stone curb, and “pop” went the tire!  All I could do was drive into a nearby lot across the street while the air leaked out.

Luckily, my brother was on the scene and he knew how to change a tire.  I got to see how a tire is changed for the first time, and saw that it’s really not that difficult!  And the directions are in the manual.  And it seems that many people are willing to help out: even with my brother there changing the tire, someone walked over from a restaurant across the street to see if we needed help.  So even when something happens like this, it’s a good reminder that we all get by with help from our friends, that things go wrong and that’s life, but there are good people out there to lend a hand when it’s needed and make the world a better place.

I had been on my way to join some church choir members after our first rehearsal, and so after that I was even more ready for the company of some friends and a beer.  And again, all I could do was to smile & laugh about it – not much use getting frustrated over an already flat tire.  But despite trying to shake it off with a positive attitude, it did shake me up a bit, and I realized that I had locked my keys now in the car!  Once again, I had to rely on the generosity and help of friends.  A member from the choir drove me back home, so I could get my spare key and get into my car to drive home on my spare tire.  At this point you just have to laugh.

That was my Wednesday night.  Some good things came out of it though.

1. my big brother got to help me out – and show me how to change a tire

2. I had a great conversation with and got to know a choir member better on the drive to and from my house

3. I found online a good place to buy tires by reading google reviews, and now can recommend them to others.  So I hope you don’t run into tire troubles like me, but if you do – here’s where I went and got great customer service to replace my tire:

Discount Tire Center on 860 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT

Here’s to changing bad carma to good!  🙂


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