Let’s Make the World a Better Place

One of my favorite blogs to follow is the blog “Bad Astronomy” by Phil Plait – offering a glimpse into the scientific and skeptic community.  If you have an interest in astronomy or science, I recommend checking it out!  Often I just scroll through and admire the amazing beauty of our universe through images of star filled skies and swirling galaxies.

I also find other inspiring posts – such as a speech made by astronomer Pamela Gay about “Making the World Better,”  and wanted to pass it along.  I like her idea of just doing something, and then asking if the world minds only afterwards!  And as they say, don’t let the turkeys get you down!

In her speech, what I call the turkeys, she refers to as trolls, and makes reference to the movie The Neverending Story, which was also a movie from my childhood.  In this movie, the wolf says that “people who have no hopes are easy to control.”  In another part of the movie, the childlike empress asks Bastian – Why don’t you do what you dream?  and he responds – I can’t!  I have to keep my feet on the ground!

How hard is it also for us to do what we dream about, to let our feet fly off the ground, to not let fear and despair control us?

“Para volar hay que empezar asumiendo riesgos, si no quieres riesgos lo mejor quizá sea resignarse y seguir caminando para siempre.”   – Jorge Bucay

This quote means that to fly, you have to start taking risks.  If you don’t want risks then at best you resign yourself to walking forever.

What do you dream about, what would take your feet off the ground?

“Make the World Better”  – link to the blog post by Pamela Gay


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