First Church & Blue Sky

After a long week of job hunting, glad that it’s the weekend!

Time to get back to my blog and post some photos to brighten this overcast day – remember the beautiful blue skies from last weekend?

The First Church – here’s their website:

The contrast of light & shadows against the blue sky struck me – looked like a picture perfect day, and I think a wedding going on as well – good day for it!

I was returning from a church picnic, having just taught a dance lesson in the Charleston. (more info on that dance style here)  It’s one of my favorite dance styles, really fun & energetic & the basic step is fairly simple.  A dance from the 1920s, it helped to influence swing dancing and the lindy hop in the 1930s.  A couple different people afterwards suggested I offer a “Swing Cardio” class in Milford.  Maybe I will!  Wouldn’t be a bad side gig to a nursing career, and would still be focused on community health.

“Blue skies, smilin’ at me…

…nothin’ but blue skies.. do I see”


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